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I have been a fitness fanatic for as long as I can remember and since discovering how useful a heart rate monitor actually is when you are training. I am also a complete geek and absolutely love blogging so I suppose it was only natural to start a blog on heart rate monitors.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor can be described as great heart monitor that can be used by athletes and other people who are concerned about overall fitness level. It delivers superior data and can distinguish between burning fat and burning calories enabling users to train faster in a bid to achieve your ideal fitness goals. This also makes it ideal for people who want to lose weight in an effective manner. It comes with a Smart Calories and Energypointer that not only guide you but also motivate you to ensure that each and every workout counts.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Features

Some of the features that the heart rate monitor offer include:

  • Polar OwnCal- this is used to calculate the kilocalories that have been expanded when you are working out.
  • EnergyPointer- this lets users know whether they are improving fitness or burning fat.
  • Records the average of total exercises done as well as the heart rate.
  • The maximum heart rate training records.
  • Button-free HeartTouch operation.
  • Graphical indicators that are specifically designed for the defined heart rate zones.
  • Coded heart rate transmission that comes in handy for avoiding cross-talk.
  • A textile transmitter that is quite comfortable.
  • Polar H1 Sensor for heart rate – this enhances comfort when training as this not only measures your heart rate but it also adapts to the body shape seamlessly allowing you to completely focus on the exercise as you will even forget you have worn it.

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor Features For Body Measurement

Some of the body measurement features you can expect from Polar FT7 heart rate Monitor include:

  • Maximum and average heart rate during training
  • HRmax i.e. user set

Heart rate-% bpm- this is where heart rate is measured depending on the amount of work that the heat does. This can either be expressed as a percentage (%) or bpm (beats per minute) of the maximum heart rate.

Manual target zone upper limit bpm- this enables users to define the target zones they desire according to what suits their training best. This can also be set as a percentage or bpm or even as % (percentage) of the HRR (Heart Rate Reserve).

Polar EnergyPointer- this is an easy to use and incredible feature that lets you know if your fitness is improving or whether you are burning any fat during the training process. This normally indicates visually a point between the 2 main training effects. This way, if you are below that point, you automatically know that fat burning is improving and when it is above the point, you know that the aerobic fitness is improving.

Polar OwnCal- this is used for calorie expenditure as it calculates the kilocalories that are expended when a person is training. This allows you to know the amount of calories that have been burnt in one session as well as in a number of progressive sessions.

Polar OwnCode- this offers coded transmission as it automatically locks in a code that transmits the user’s heart rate to your training computer. The training computer will only pick the hear rate from the transmitter. Coding is important as it helps to prevent any interference from any other training computers.

Training load- this is available through this is one of the features that is only available from Polar software. This allows you to follow your training load as well as recovery using a training diary on your training computer as well. This is important as it helps a person to identify personal limits. Avoid under or over training and adjust the duration and intensity according to daily and weekly targets.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Training Features

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor also comes with a total of 4 training features that include

Training analysing. Training diary- this allows you to follow up easily your training sessions when the data has been transferred from the device to your personal computer. This comes in handy when planning future training sessions. There is an option of seeing the training sessions in a week or month view that comes with a week or month summary. Training load- the training diary also allows you to follow the training load as well as recovery. This helps to ensure that you are training in the proper way to achieve your dream results in the best way possible. Training programs- the official web service ( offers a number of training programs for a variety of activities such as cycling, running, out door sports and general fitness. This allows you to customize them to what really works out best for you.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Features

The monitor watch has useful and beneficial features such as:

Weekday and date indicator.Backlight. Dual time zone. Display text in various languages such as English, Italian, German, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish and French. Low battery indicator. Time of the date complete with alarm & snooze. User replaceable battery. Water resistant- this means that it can be used under water when you are swimming. Keylock- when this is activates the training computer buttons are automatically locked. This ensures that accidental presses do not bring about any problems for example during the training sessions.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Recording Features

The heart rate monitor also comes with a couple of recording features and these include:

Weekly history- these gather the user’s data for their weekly training. This makes it easy to review training data for the week. 99 training files that come with summaries. Totals- these include all your training data from the last reset enabling you to follow up on long term training.

Based on some of the features the Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor has been designed with, one would say that it is a must get device for anyone who wants to know if they are successful with their training sessions. This is simply because it offers amazing exercise guidance, displaying real time heart rate, accurate calorie burn which in turn helps a person to faster get fit. This is because you understand exactly what you are doing to know what needs to be improved so as to reach your target goal within the shortest time possible.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

A Simple and Precise Device

For people who think that timing is everything, one of the key things is knowing their heart rate. Polar FT1 heart rate monitor can be a wonderful device and tool for those who want to constantly monitor their heart rate and be aware of the health status of the heart. You can wear the device just like a watch, in two different colors: blue or grey. Never miss a beat of your heart with a digital product that is easy to use and that is compact. Before using the product, do not forget to consult a health expert.

Product Characteristics and Features

The product is manufactured in China and imported for shipping in the United States and all over the world. With a size of 6x4x3, the device has a weight of 4.8 ounces, but the whole package is heavier. A coded T31 transmitter is included that can transmit with high accuracy.

The watch part of the package, which is a device that looks like a regular watch and includes the functions of one, can be worn on the hand and has a nice display that is easy to read. You can see a summary of your workout and your heart rate. The heart rate signal is coded for avoiding interference with other signals.

The device can be able to measure the average and the maximum of your heart rate during training. It can improve your fitness due the use of the manual target zone in beats per minute (BPM). The transmission uses a 5kHz Polar OwnCode coded transmission. Recordings are stored in the form of training files. HeartTouch allows you to operate the watch without buttons. For nighttime and any other situation that needs light, the device has a back light.

There is an indicator for date and weekday included. The devices is not affected by water if you do not dive deeper than thirty meters. The transmitter has a functioning period of 2500 hours. If you need a basic heart rate monitor that comes from a reputed supplier, Polar TF1 can be the right choice.

Pros For The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Easy to use and to read the statistics on the large display, with just one button functionality.
  • Is provides indirect benefits to your health and body shape.
  • Your heart rate is maintained at a safe rate.
  • The signal is coded for eliminating the possibility of cross-talk.
  • The transmitter is water and weather resistant.
  • Simplicity is one of the advantages of this product.
  • The device is very accurate.
  • A great heart monitor for this price.

The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Cons

  • Not very fancy design.
  • Some users may find the one button functionality awkward.
  • Can be a little limited for hardcore exercisers.
  • -you cannot replace the batteries yourself.

Package Content and Use

The weight of the whole package is of 10.4 ounces. When you open the package, you will find the following items inside: wrist unit (watch), transmitter, strap and user manual. You can also find a user manual online on the manufacturer’s website. The wrist unit is meant for displaying the heart rate during training. The transmitter set sends the signal through the air to the wrist unit. In the package, you will also receive two Lithium Metal batteries.

How To Use The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

You have to select the desired mode, then increase or decrease the desired value and then confirm everything you have chosen. If you press the button for a longer time, it will do three different things: come back to time display mode from any other mode with the exception of Exercise Mode, turn on the back light in the Time display, or turn on/off the target heart rate zone alarm in Exercise Mode. The first thing to do is setting the heart rate zone, the second is recording an exercise and the third is viewing the recorded information. Follow the manual for details about how to do all these steps.

Medical Considerations

People who have heart diseases can also benefit from the functionality of the product. A good example is the one of people who have random episodes of heart beat speeding up to 200 BPM or even higher. The recorded data can be later analyzed by a cardiologist. Having the average and the maximum of your heart rate can be great for a cardiologist to understand how your heart behaves in extreme situations. To make things even better, the data matches with the one of an EKG machine. If your heart rate goes too high, the devices will warn you.

Other Considerations

The device also works with the exercise equipment of a gym and many people may find this useful. The heart rate is always calculated precisely. If the batteries run out, you may have to send them to Polar for replacement, otherwise you can lose the water resistant capability. The one button functionality may be confusing at first, but it can become really easy after you learn it. You just need some patience and focus to read the manual before use.

Many people say that the product is very stable in comparison with others, as these can easily fluctuate and become annoying. The results given by Polar FT1 are consistent. It is not bells and whistles like more complex devices, but it provides exactly what you need. During exercise, the change between stopwatch mode and HR mode can easily be made.

Cyclists can use the device too. The watch can be strapped to the mountain bike handle bars.The operating system is the same to the one of an older model, the FS1. Compared to it, FT1 is better and has a thinner wristwatch. The strap is also improved, letting more air for the wrist so it can breath well.

The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Conclusion

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor is not the fanciest device, but a simple one that can do its job well. The design is made as simple as possible, so that the user does not get a headache trying to use it and waste precious time that would be normally used for workout. If you are a hardcore exerciser, you get more sophisticated products to see the difference, but starters and the average user will surely enjoy Polar FT1’s capabilities. This solution is for people who need a cheap product which is also reliable.

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Are you looking for an effective heart rate monitor to measure your heart rates? If yes, then FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is the best heart rate monitor you need to choose because of its effectiveness. This is a perfect product that contains a lot of features and benefits that every user enjoys when using it. Its effectiveness has made it very popular among users in the modern days. Many people are using it because of their need to monitor their heart rate in an effective and proper way. There are many unique features found in this heart rate monitor that you might not get from other heart monitors. 

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Features

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is popular among many users because of many features that it has. The features make it have improved functions making it more efficient in monitoring heart rate.

Measurement Of The Body

This is a perfect product that can be used to evaluate or measure some indicators in your body. All you need to do is to include your personal information before beginning to use the product. This means that you can check the maximum and average heart rate that is recommended depending on your age as you train or for normal health check ups. It also has visual and audible alarm system that you can install to make you remember your average and maximum heart rate.

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Features For Recording

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor has a recording feature meaning that you can record the rate of your heart beats during any training activities. Thus, you have the ability to save almost ten training files added with some summaries. By just checking at this record, you can control and monitor your exercise or activities more easily. Therefore, you can get maximum benefits from FT4 Heart Rate Monitor especially when carrying out your training exercises.

Polar FT4 Training Mode

The product is very appropriate when undertaking exercises. It contains a great feature known as training mode. In this feature you can be able to see the target zone heart rate indicator. The indicator is very useful when you want to monitor the rate of your heart to allow you stay within the normal range. By staying within this range, you can make sure that you do the right pattern of exercises that do no affect your heart rate.

The Polar FT4 Can Work As A Watch

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is beneficial because it can still work as a watch. This means that it can display time and date. The watch has an alarm system, snooze and can also act as a normal watch. It can ne used for diving or swimming because it cannot absorb water even when thirty meters under the water.

Who Can Buy FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

This product is very suitable for any person who lives an active life. This means that all performers or athletes can use it to maintain their heart rate easily. If you carry out exercises regularly, it can also be of great help to you. The good thing is that it can help you attain your target in your fitness program. It is also the right product for those people who carry out regular monitoring of their heart rate for normal health check ups. This is because there are people who may need to monitor their heart rate because of their various health reasons.

Advantages of using FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

The product offer wide range of benefits to the users.

Easy To Use

This is one of the easiest heart rate monitor you can get in the market. This means that it can be used by all people because it comes with an instructions book that is written in simple terms that are understandable by any person. The simple guidelines can be followed easily even by beginners without a lot of stress.

Very Accurate In Its Monitoring

Accuracy is another major benefit of using this product. It measures the heart rate very accurately without mistakes or errors. Accurate measurement of the heart rate is very crucial especially if you are doing so when training or as a result of some health problems. It gives accurate measurements that you can use to determine how you are performing or your health status.

 FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Design

Its design is another factor that makes many people like this product. The fact that it is designed in a way that it can be used as a watch makes it useful for many people. This also makes it have an elegant look thus making many people who want to improve their appearance wear it.

Is The Polar FT4 Affordable

If you are looking for a heart rate monitor that offer value for your money, then Polar FT4 heart rate monitor is the right product for you. By doing thorough shopping you can get it with even less than sixty five dollars which is very low compared to the cost of other heart rate monitors. This makes is very affordable for many people even those with low economic power.

Easily Accessible

This product is widely available from different online stores at very affordable price. All you need to do is to check the customers’ reviews before you buy it in order to get the site that offer high quality FT4 Heart Rate Monitor.

Disadvantages Of The Polar FT4

Just like any other products, FT4 Heart Rate Monitor has its shortcomings. One of the major disadvantages of the product is that it cannot allow you to know the duration you have been in your target heart range when you do your exercises. This is something that is annoying to many people because it is important to the duration that you stay at your targeted heart rate. Despite this it can show you the duration you have been in your heart rate after the exercises. This means that you need to stop the monitor first before you can see how long you have been in your heart rate.

Therefore, if you want to have a heart rate monitor that provides accurate measurement of your heart rate, elegant design and an affordable one I would highly recommend FT4 Heart Rate Monitor for you.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Interesting Facts About Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is a well thought out training accessory, it is a masterfully built item; it is also reliable and easy to use. The monitor is apt for users who are keen on knowing how well their works out programs are working so as to keep their training simple and effective. The monitor does this by providing accurate and continuous heart rate readings all through the selected workout session.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Features

It is a unisex heart rate monitor and comes in nice colorful shades, from blue, red to purple/pink and many other beautiful colors.

The FT4 heart rate monitor has a smart calorie feature that uses individual personal data to provide you the user with accurate readings on the amount of calories you have burnt over a specified period of time.

To help you accurately track your training progress, the Polar FT4 stores the last 10 training sessions; you can use results from these sessions to check on your current fitness status and make relevant adjustments wherever necessary.

Without the chest strap, the heart rate monitor can be worn on the wrist. It is adjustable and comes with over twenty adjustment holes, making it suitable for all wrist sizes; even users with small wrists can get one that fits them properly.

The monitor comes with heart rate chest strap that is made from a soft, flexible and comfortable fabric that easily adapt to your body shape. The chest strap is easily adjustable; from Medium to XXL and any size there in between.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT4

The polar smart coaching features are easy to use and will easily guide you to efficiently and effectively exercise your body accordingly. A quick analysis of any Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor review clearly shows that users are more motivated and geared towards attaining their fitness goals once they start using the FT4 monitor.

The monitor has the ability to beep when you are out of your prescribed zone; the beep is usually activated if you are working below your required standards (Not working hard enough) or when you are straining yourself by working way above the required standards (over exerting yourself); it is worth noting though that the beep functionality can easily be turned off.

The heart monitor is water resistant up to around 30 meters; you can thus use it to track your statistics as you make those swimming laps, it is advisable though not to press those buttons when you are underwater even though you can comfortably press either the ‘continue’ or ‘pause’ function buttons immediately after the lap even if your fingers are wet.

It also uses a replaceable battery and does connect with compatible gym equipments like the popular gymlink; this ensures that you enjoy other additional functionalities that may not be specifically inbuilt in the Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.

Polar FT4 Heart Monitor

How to Operate the Polar FT4 Heart Monitor

When you open the box, there is a setup wizard that you can use to tailor the watch /monitor to fit your requirements. The kind of information that is normally needed includes your gender, weight, the units that you prefer working with.

Getting yourself started with the polar heart rate monitor is relatively easy and simple. You should first wet the electrodes that are at the back of the chest strap with some water; you can then snap the transmitter into position.

Always place the strap on your chest before starting the inbuilt watch; this ensures the accuracy of the readings that you will read from the monitor. It is also advisable to have some distance between yourself and any other person before starting the watch.

Once you are through with your training for the day, immediately detach the transmitter, rinse the chest strap with some clean water several times and then hang it to dry before using it again.

Just like in any other review, Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor review cannot be complete without noting some disadvantages. One of the major demerits of the heart monitor is that you can’t see all of your workout statistics at once while you are working out; you have to keep on pressing the right hand button to change the display to read either the calories, heart rate or workout time; you thus will not be able to see the total time you have spent working out till you press ‘stop’ button to end the session.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Conclusion

Going by the number of positive reviews emanating from satisfied users dotting numerous places all over the world, it is safe to state that the FT4 Heart rate monitor is a class above other heart monitors in its category. It is affordable, easy to use, and readily available in both online and local brick and mortar stores all over the US.

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor and Its Great Specs

The Garmin heart rate monitor is a runner or jogger’s wish. This is a little, lightweight exercising gadget, which allows an individual to observe speed, heartbeat, peak, range, along with a variety of averages. On the initial look, just about any athlete would like to get this gadget simply for the opportunity to figure out one’s extended distance without needing to get into your car in order to record the miles. Put together with record guide software program, Garmin has created what feels like the most perfect jogging partner.

The moment I saw a Garmin heart rate monitor watch I instantly wanted to buy it. I have been running a lot as part of my daily exercise and my training for a marathon. Just like any guy out there, the look of Garmin watches is definitely made more for men and their testosterone. The look you could see on this brand of watch is more on the sophisticated design and cutting-edge quality and build. Unlike any other watch, the capability of a Garmin heart rate monitor watch is extensive that it would make other brands surpass it. However, your preference may be different than mine, still I would like to share with you what Garmin could offer including some cons so that you will have something to ponder on.

The Garmin Forerunner 305 is a tiny GPS navigation device that’s been designed for health and fitness. It’s not only helpful for athletes, nevertheless, it may also be utilized on bicycling, walking, as well as any other sports activity in which understanding your own velocity, extended distance, heart beat rate, as well as speeds are essential. The Forerunner’s provided software program likewise enables you to set up repeating exercising, make use of installed workout routines, as well as plan your own guide on the map. The watch is equipped having a lithium-ion battery pack. Life of the battery is indeed challenging to evaluate. This depend upon a lot of factors such as just how much you utilize Gps navigation,  heart rate monitor or perhaps speed, how many times you push the light option, the number of notifications you place and so on. The unit will even determine calories burnt off throughout a jog utilizing one of three strategies based on how much information you placed on the preliminary setup phase. For the best precise calorie computation, you need to put on the heart rate monitor with the watch.

The Garmin bundle features a heart rate monitor that delivers the new edition of the high-quality heart rate monitor watch. It has recently been made to reduce the majority of the setbacks presented in previously made edition. There’re two main elements, which are  the actual indicator as well as the chest band to keep the sensor in position. All the electrodes on the indicator should be moistened prior to use for this to grab heart beat rate. And also you have to alter chest strap to ensure that it suits comfortably. The elastic chest band is one particular size, and that is the minimal length is 580mm as well as highest is 1270mm. I personally find the band on the advanced design being convenient compared to traditional edition. You will find calculators available on the net which will determine your own top heart beat rate.

Now that you have checked the Garmin heart rate monitor, would you like to purchase one? There are many other models to suit your needs. The Garmin brand could be a little expensive compared to other brands, but as you can see it is too sophisticated to lower its price. You can check shops and what other people think of the Garmin heart rate monitor.

heart rate monitor reviews

Heart Rate Monitor Reviews

Those of you who are fitness fanatics or are looking forward to getting into fitness seriously need to start looking at getting a heart-rate monitor When you start looking for a heart-rate monitor then you will have to start really looking deep into the world of heart-rate monitor reviews.

heart rate monitor reviews

I have been developing Heart Rate Monitorz for quite few years now, and although we have had a few set backs in the past but we are pushing on and overcoming these problems, and we are constantly developing the site and getting new fantastic information on heart-rate monitors and also trying to get you some of the best heart-rate monitor reviews and give you some unbiased information.

I have always been a fitness fanatic, I am not a skilled athlete in anyway I am absolutely shocking at any sport that requires me to work as a team and well that pretty much sums up my life to be honest but none the less I am fascinated about how to get in shape but also the most efficiently.

Training to your heart rate is essential to get the most out of your training session and although that you are in a gym or out in your local park, which is a great start as most people don’t actually get that a long way you do still need to take a good look and see what your heart is doing. If it’s working too hard you will tire too quickly, and you won’t be able to run/swim/cycle as far but if you slow down and your heart rate drops within your specific heart rate zone, then you will be able to run a lot further.

You will need to do your research when you are looking for a new heart-rate monitor, and you will have to look through many many heart rate monitor reviews, and this is going to be a bit of a chore, but I am hoping that you will find my site useful and that the heart-rate monitor reviews useful and eventually pick the perfect heart rate monitor for you.

I will always give my honest review of a heart-rate monitor, and I will let you know of any of the pros and cons that I find along the way, and this is something that I will promise to do. If you find that one of my heart rate monitor reviews could do with a little more information then, please let me know as I am always tweaking and changing my reviews as I work with more and more heart rate monitors

If you have any questions or would like to ask me a question on my heart-rate monitor reviews then, please contact me, and I will be more than happy to help.

The Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

The Timex Personal Trainer HRM Review

The Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate MonitorThe Timex Personal Trainer HRM is by far one of the best budget heart rate monitor watches available at the moment. I’ve always been impressed with the simplicity of Timex and this does not stop with this heart rate monitor watch.

If you take a look at this watch on Amazon you will find that it has a 3 ½ star rating this is made up of over 689 the customer reviews which makes it one of the most reviewed heart monitor watches online.

When I saw this many reviews for a heart rate monitor I just had to go and check it out. On a side note I find it really interesting when people are compelled enough to write a review on such sites like Amazon because they must have been really impressed with the product which in this case the Timex Personal Trainer HRM to want to go write a review.

So what is it about the Timex Personal Trainer HRM that is getting so many people excited and wanting to write reviews? It must be because it is simple to use and within most people’s budget.

In this review I will go into detail about why this heart rate monitor watch is so popular and has sold so many across the world.

So first things first I found the display on the Timex Personal Trainer HRM to be very big and very readable even when I was training at night in dim light and even without using the Indigo I was still able to read the display. I’ve seen the older versions of the Timex Ironman and the screen was not as clear as this.

Straight out of the box the Timex Personal Trainer HRM gave accurate readings of my heart rate and this continued throughout my training session and what I love about this watch is not only the price but it works without having to use electrode gel. This heart monitor doesn’t have any fancy features but most people don’t even need those features so its not something I would worry about.

I found that the Timex Personal Trainer HRM has a very comfortable strap and especially as I personally don’t even like wearing watches this heart rate monitor doesn’t seem to bother me at all. It’s very light on your wrist and I find it easy to wear, it is also not as big as you’d think it was and does not look out of place on your arm even if you want to wear it to work with the suit.

The Timex Personal Trainer HRM heart rate monitor recalculates every two seconds and I found it really simple to program in your weight and your target heart rates, yes you have to read the instructions but that is very common with heart rate monitor watches.

I read other reviews of the Timex Personal Trainer HRM and a few people complained about not being up to see the time when the heart rate monitor watch is tracking your heart rate, however this didn’t bother me at all and just to view the time you just click the select button and it will display the time for you so it’s no big deal in my opinion.

There’s been a massive price increase from when I actually bought Timex Personal Trainer HRM heart monitor to now I only paid $44 a few weeks ago for it but the prices is fluctuating a fair bit at the moment and it has been as much as $80 but at the time of writing this its only $44 on Amazon. Even at $80 it is still well worth the money and going back to the Many reviews on Amazon there are a lot of very happy people who have bought the Timex Personal Trainer HRM.

One of the things I did notice though is the chest strap sometimes beeps when it’s not being used I’m not sure why, maybe this is due to electrical interference and this is not an issue when I am wearing the strap but I’m thinking that this could possibly drain the battery before its time which is not a big deal because as I found it very easy to replace however it’s just something I thought I would bring up.

The Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

The Timex Personal Trainer HRM is a very basic heart rate monitor but with it being basic it gives you what any basic heart rate monitor should do it tells you about the amount of calories burnt and the time and of course your heart rate so what more would you want and for such a good price.

I found the best place to buy the Timex Personal Trainer HRM was from Amazon and this is because not only do you get the great customer service from Amazon but you also have confidence in the seller and may be you will become one of the reviewers on their site.

Trying to find the right heart rate monitor is a massive task and that is why we set up this site to help you choose the best heart rate monitor Timex have a great reputation and for the price of the Timex Personal Trainer HRM I would always recommend them over lesser known models and brands of heart rate monitor watches.

We are really happy with the heart rate monitor that is the Timex Personal Trainer HRM and for anyone starting out in any kind of cardio work then this definitely is a great starting point for you.

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

The Best Heart Rate Monitor

Do you know what the best heart monitor is? For understanding this question properly you need to know the idea of a heart-rate monitor. It is a tool which is used to measure the rate of a heart beat, breathing rate and several fitness parameters of a person. If you are thinking about getting your body into a proper shape for the sake of fitness, then you need to get yourself a heart-rate monitor.

There are lots of different companies, which make heart-rate monitors, but you need to find out which is the best one in the market for you and the best way to do this is to go and take a look at reviews left by other athletes on the different types of monitors available.

Polar FS3 Heart Rate MonitorThe Polar FS3 is a great entry level monitor for people who want an uncomplicated to operate the device during their workouts. The large display and single button function make this an easy to use heart rate monitor.

The Polar FT4 can be classed as the best heart monitor for the people who want a simple device. An audible alarm will let you know that you are in the target heart zone. The cost of this device is around $50-$60 dollars, which should be easily affordable for most people.

Timex T5G941 is also a good basic model which can be considered as the best value heart monitor that is easy to use. It promises to give you an accurate heart rate and workout information. It has a large display so that you can see it effortlessly while in you are training hard. You can find out the minimum, average and maximum heart rate for each exercise quickly and easily. One of the best things about this heart rate monitor is that you can change the battery yourself and not only that it is an easy job to figure out without reading the manual for hours. The Timex T5G941 is in the range of about $30-$60, and this heart rate monitor is an excellent all round decent value heart-rate monitor.

Polar F6 Heart Rate MonitorThe Polar F6 We have found that this is the best heart monitor with a good selection of multifunction options. Along with tracking heart rate and workout intensity, this monitor helps you to find out the amount of calories burned and the time spent in each zone. It furthermore helps you to keep the track of previous training, which helps you stay focused and motivated. This is the perfect heart rate monitor for the fitness enthusiast who wants a few more functions, and you can find the Polar F6 available at for around $90-$100. As always, we like to check out Amazon when we buy heart rate monitors because as a rule they tend to be a lot cheaper and at the very least the same price, but you get a better shopping experience with Amazon.

We understand that a lot of you are keen athletes and there is a saying that goes something like this….

“What you can’t measure you can’t improve”

This is very true when it comes to sport and so using a heart rate monitor that can actually help your workouts you are going to need a heart rate monitor watch that can give you personalized workout details

The Polar FT60 is a fantastic heart rate monitor for doing this. You can set up weekly targets based on your previous records, and it can also sort a fitness test so that you can work out your fitness level. What I really like about the Polar FT60 is that it allows you to transfer the data from the monitor onto your computer, which gives you even more facts and figures that you can use to enhance your training. With everything in life, you have to pay for quality and the Polar FT60 is no different you can find it on Amazon for around $200, which is not too bad if you are already spending money on gym membership, and it will pay for itself relatively quickly and is a great investment. It is rather expensive, but we have not gone to the next.

Now, some of you may be after the all singing, all dancing, bells and whistles of a heart rate monitor, and this next heart rate monitor is for the complete die hard athlete who is deep down, in everybody….

The Garmin Forerunner 305 is a serious heart rate monitor that not only checks your heart rate, but it also tracks you with GPS, which means you know that you are doing the same route on your run or your cycle and also helps you reach your fitness goals. I suppose it is the next best thing to having a personal trainer by your side cracking the whip yelling obscenities at you.

Garmin Forerunner 305 GPS Receiver With Heart Rate Monitor

With the Garmin Forerunner 305, you can see from day to day if you are improving or not. There are a few drawbacks with quite literally having a personal trainer on your wrist, and that is it is like having an actual personal trainer on your wrist. This watch is a little big and strangely enough this heart rate monitor watch is not actually a watch; it doesn’t have a feature where you can tell the time.

So the next question you are going to ask is how much the Garmin Forerunner 305 is. Well, you are not going to get much change from $300, but you do get a lot of value for your money and after having a good nosey around this fantastic watch, I can definitely see the attraction to it as it will probably be the only heart rate monitor watch you will ever buy and if for whatever reason you need to buy another one in a few years I would almost put money on that you would buy another Garmin Forerunner 305.

Best Heart Monitor

Best Heart Monitors

You may be looking for the best heart monitors and this device which can assist in tracing the heart rate. A heart rate monitor is a device which is used for the purpose of providing you track of your heart rate. This is the best device which is needed by the people during exercise and for athletes. There are several monitors available in stores but you need to select the one which is in accordance with your routines. This article can give you different kinds of tips that can be useful for the buying of best heart monitors.

Best Heart Monitor

It is the story of old days when you had to go in labs for checking the continuous alterations in your heart rate. This is the ear of handy, smart and stylish monitors which can give you near to accurate reading in no time. Whether you are an athlete, sportsman, fat burner or a marathon runner, a complete range of different monitors with special specification are there to help you out. Now it is on you to select the monitor wisely depending on your needs. This is a real problem to choose best heart monitors as range of companies are producing them in market.

Do you want a strap or not?

For buying the best heart monitors, first of all you have to check that whether you want chest strap or strapless monitors. Standard monitors have an elastic chest strap which you can wear next to your heart. Strap transmitter notes the reading by receiving the signals from your heart so that you can check the heart rate in real time. Strapless monitor works by placing two fingers on metal sensor which automatically detects the heat rate. If you are an athlete then you should go for strapless monitor because it is easy to use and handle whereas the chest strap monitors give precise and accurate reading.

Some of the heart rate monitors come with sophisticated GPS system technology. Monitors with GPS allow you to have a fantastic reading of how far and how fast you can do workout. This system makes the heart rate monitors an expensive tool but if you do excessive running or workout then this can be precious one for you. Some of the heart rate monitors also come with Foot Pot technology which allows the monitors to work well in the areas receiving a poor signal.

Best heart monitors can be the one which are equipped with both GPS and foot pot technology. After having a basic idea of the components which are vital for the accurate functioning of best heart monitors, you also need to have information about the best makers of these monitors in the market. Omron hr 100c heart rate monitor is simple and inexpensive that has all the functions which are needed for the people who want to have a regular exercise or workout.

If you are just starting to use heart monitors then this can be a best choice for you. Polar F6 monitor is best seller product at affordable price with all sophisticated features that a passionate athlete or runner needs to have. Along with heart rate reading, it can also give you the easy to read value of calories burned during your workout.

One the basis of above mentioned points and features; you can easily trace out the best heart monitors which are in accordance with your demands. Keep in mind that there are many companies which may offer monitors at much low price but always go for a notable company’s product because they are of high quality and durable. If you have a heart rate monitor then don’t forget to share your experience with the other people so that they may be able to choose the right kind of product for them.

Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitors General Advice

Are you thinking to give your body a perfect shape? Fitness monitors of different types come on the market which can help you to accomplish your goal. Whenever you are doing a workout, it is must have a close eye on the heart rate so that you may be in right kind of heart rate zone. In short, words, you can say your heart-rate monitor a “pacer” because it helps you to track down that when you need to slow down or pace up. There are different monitors but for selecting the best heart rate monitors you need to have an understanding of certain tips.

Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Best heart-rate monitors can be traced down by understanding the basics of a monitor. Exercise within a specific target zone is a must to know thing. If you have a fat-burning goal in mind, then you have to remain in one target zone for 40-80 minutes. American heart association has come up with a chart for different kinds of target zones. It is better to have a stress test from your doctor to evaluate the actual maximum heart rate of a person.

Many brands are available in the market which works by simply measuring the signals that heart sends out. You can say that typically there are two kinds of heart rate monitor i.e. chest strap model and finger sensor model. Among them, chest strap models are normally used for professional purposes. They have a chest strap that is wrapped around your chest to read the signals which are coming from your heart. After reading, it displays the results on the display screen. Finger sensor model is basic model and used by the athletes or people doing work out. Best heart-rate monitors for an enthusiastic athlete are basic monitors.

Heart Rate Monitor Finger Sensor

Basic models of the heart-rate monitors are simply designed to provide you with the routine to manage your exercise. Advanced models come with several different features that can really help you in managing the exercise efficiently. Along with heart rate, they also offer to evaluate breathing rate, pulse rate and calories burned during an exercise. Best heart-rate monitors are the one which can keep a track of the old data on your system. Record of the old data will help you to remain active and keep on doing the exercise with passion and enthusiasm.

If talking about the precision of reading, then chest strap models can be called as the best heart-rate monitors. They keep on taking the data of your heart automatically and don’t let you stop in mid exercise just to check the heart rate. The readings by chest monitors are more accurate and precise because they are near to heart and can catch the signals easily. Issue is that their prices are high as compared with the finger sensor models, and they are not comfy because you have to strap the monitor all the time around your chest.

Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

People who want just a basic model of heart rate monitor for doing workout then finger sensor models can be considered as the best heart rate monitors for them. You just need to push a simple button which will activate the monitor and analyze the reading of your heart rate. As they are relatively simple models so price is affordable. The only negative aspect is that you have to stop your exercise for getting the reading of your heart rate. If just an interruption of 5 seconds can’t disturb you during an exercise the finger sensor models can work really best for you. Before buying any kind of heart rate monitor, do a plenty of research so that you may be able to take a precise decision.

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

The development of Bluetooth heart rate monitor doesn’t seems like a ground breaking product but it will surely start new era of smart phone applications regarding health field. This application can be called as best smart product for the people who don’t want to spend extra money for buying the heart rate monitor. You can call all such monitors as award winning products because an awesome amalgam of technology and health has been created.

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor

Bluetooth is a wireless technology which is used for exchanging the data over short distances. It was originally developed as an alternate to the data cables. You can use this device to transfer your data overcoming the problem of synchronization. Many companies who are making heart rate monitors have utilized the technology of Bluetooth to create wireless devices for measuring the heart rate. Any technology or product related to Bluetooth is managed by the Bluetooth special interest group. You can’t market any product which is using the technology of Bluetooth until approval by SIG. Bluetooth heart rate monitor is a product which have been developed by certain companies to work with smart devices having feature of Bluetooth in them.

How Does A Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor Work?

Bluetooth heart rate monitor works by using the smart phone like Nokia or android. This device can provide you with accurate and real time heart rate for all the symbian sets, Ios and android phones. They just don’t give the rate of your heart beat but also provide you with extra features such as breathing rate, pulse rate and amount of calories burned. Heart target zone is essential to track down while doing work out. This device helps you to evaluate your target heat zone so that you can do workout in a proper way.

The Bluetooth heart rate monitor has wide range so they can easily evaluate the heart rate. You would be able to find maximum and minimum heart rate, heart rate chart zones and many more. It comes in the design of premium quality strap along with a USB charger so that device can be easily charged. Bluetooth heart rate monitor comes with a wireless belt to monitor and CR2032 battery which can run for 500 hours of usage. The new chip which is used now days for making this device is energy efficient.

There are many companies who are marketing the Bluetooth heart rate monitor in market now days. Each of them has special kind of features and specialties. Latest devices are coming with the ability to store readings for a specific period of time. Record of the previous readings can help you to remain passionate for doing workouts in better way. These devices also provide a chance to store the data on your computer with the help of a USB device. You must keep the data stored because it can help you in setting goals for losing the weight.

Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors

Bluetooth heart rate monitor can be bought from the web stores. You just need to have an internet connection and a computer. Browse any online store, book your order and you will receive the product in few days. While receiving, check the product and pay after your complete satisfaction. The heart rate sensor present in such type of devices is water resistant. If you can wait for just 10 seconds during an exercise for checking heart rate then it is best for you. The only drawback in such monitors is that you have to give a little break for finding out your heart rate while chest strap monitors continuously keep on giving the readings. You can find the Bluetooth HRM at price range of 70-90$ so go for it if you want to taste combination of health with technology.

Calorie Counter Watch

Calorie Counter Watch

Are you looking for a calorie counter watch which can help you to keep a track of the fats burned during a workout? A calorie counter watch is a small digital watch like device, which is used to keep a check on the calories burned during an exercise. This is a sure need for every person who is trying to lessen the calories because during exercise, the factors like stress, sleep and tiredness can hinder the process, and you may have to stop exercise before the time. This kind of meter can help to monitor the actual intensity of workout needed by a person.

Sometimes Calorie counter watch comes with heart-rate monitor, which can measure your heart rate along with calories burned. Almost all the brands include time and stop watch features. This helps you to set goals for achieving a certain kind of target. Some of the devices allow you to transfer the data with the help of USB port to your system, which is very useful in evaluating your progress. GPS also comes in many monitors, which help to track the area travelled.

There are certain points, which should be checked before buying a good calorie counter watch for you. Device should have big and easy to push buttons so that you can easily handle and use it. Watch should get perfectly fit on your wrist. Display screen should be of significant size so that all readings can be examined easily. Some of the models come with backlit features, which are suitable for exercise in the night routines. One of the useful facts of this watch is that you can recharge the battery which can give a long-standing time. This article can help you to have an idea about the pros and cons of different leading brands in this field.

Calorie Counter Watch

Polar FT60 is one of the leading brands in Calorie counter watch. You would be able to take body measurements by making a proper plane. It has GPS software facility available and is totally water proof. This device also provides you PC compatibility with the help of polar flow link software. Device is more expensive as compared to the other devices in market and battery life time is very low, which makes you to spend more money on maintenance of it. You can find that product on Amazon which is available in different kind of colors. Just book the product and it will be delivered to your home.

You can also have a strapless pedometer calorie counter watch There is another type of watches with calorie counter features. This kind is really a bustier version which you could hook on your pants waist band. For any fundamental model, there’s Liquid Crystal, also called LCD, Digital pedometer Walking Step Calorie Counter Watch. This is a fact that more you pay, more technical features you will get in the watch. The Garmin Forerunner will cost you $300, but it offers features like distance, speed, heart rate, time and calories.

There are also some basic models, which come from the ability to track the calories rate. One of such basic form is Proform11048, which costs only for $60. This can be used by the people who are just going to start a workout. You can get the reading of heart rate and calories through this watch. The rate of calories burned during a workout is really essential as it will give you an idea about the intensity of workout needed for you. You should make calorimeter your choice as it is a good decision for the people who want to lose their weight in a wise way.

Chest Heart Rate Monitor

Chest Heart Rate Monitor

Chest Heart Rate Monitor

A chest Heart rate monitor is a tool which is used for measuring of the heart rate during an exercise. People who are looking to have a walk, running, exercise or workout can use this tool to manage their routines in best way. During any kind of exertion, it is a must to have a record of your heart rate so that you may be able to track that in which target zone you are lying. Typically, there are two types of heart rate monitors; one is a chest heart rate monitor and other is a strapless watch monitor. Both have different pros and cons, but the chest strap monitor is good to use.

The most precise kinds of heart rate monitors are chest heart rate monitors They get wrapped around your chest just below the breast. These kinds of monitors work by detecting the electrical activity of your heart just like an ECG device. Readings are displayed on a screen which is just like wrist watch. It is must for the strap to be in contact with you while taking the reading. Readings on chest strap models are precise as they are near to your heart and can detect the signals more easily.

Chest heart rate monitor is essential for the people who love to have a passionate exercise. These monitors help the person to give him the idea about the target heart zone. When you are doing an exercise, it is must for you to remain in a specific heart zone for a targeted period of time. HRM can help you to trace out the target zone. Basic functions of the heart rate monitors are to provide you with heart rate, length of work out, calories burned, maximum and minimum heart rate. While buying a monitor, you must make sure that it can be connected to the system so that you can have the record of all your previous workouts.

Chest Strap Heart Rate Monitor

There are many uses of the chest heart rate monitor but one of the main uses is that you can exercise efficiently. When we work hard, we want the optimum results. You can get the best results only by having a proper use of heart rate monitor. These monitors also come with an audible sound feature. Device gives an alarm when the person is out of his target heart zone. This can help you to slow down your exertion activity to remain within the target zone.

Once you have put the information of age and sex in your chest heart rate monitor, it will show your maximum heart rate. The aim of this information is to make sure that you are working in the precise range of heart rate. All of us lose motivation time by time, but a heart monitor will help your to keep your spirits high as it will keep a record of all the previous work outs. A healthy person should be working their heart between 65-85% of their maximum heart rate.

Exercise is generally prescribed to lose your weight and improve the fitness of body and mind. Excess of everything is bad and same is the case with exercise as a lot of exercise can put stress on your heart. Doctors or professionals suggest using the chest heart rate monitor which enables you to exercise within the prescribed range. You can precisely call a heart rate monitor as your personal trainer. Choosing the chest strap model is good as compare to the strapless model because it can give you a continuous reading while doing exercise. Check different models in market and choose the one which is well reputed so that you may not get scammed.


Fat Burning Heart Rate

Fat burning heart rate monitor is a device which is used for the purpose of providing you reading for your heart rate in real time. Gone are the days when you had to do exercise on assumptions and traditional tips. The amalgam of technology and health has brought the devices in the market which can help you to improve your health in a better way. If you are looking to give your body a smart shape, then heart rate monitor can be the best choice for you. They come in two typical types, i.e. chest strap monitor and other is a strapless monitor.

Garmin-GPS-Heart-Rate-MonitorOne of the secrets for getting a perfect fitness is the optimized level of exercise. You can get the Fat burning heart rate monitor for finding the ups and downs in your cardiovascular system during any exertion. The basic function of a monitor is to keep you in an optimized target heart rate zone. There are different heart rate zones, which can help you to do exercise in a smart way. The heart monitor helps you to remain in a target heart rate zone for specific period of time so that your heart beat doesn’t go out of limits.

There are many companies who are making different kinds of Fat burning heart rate monitors in the market. You can find different styles and features in monitors from different companies. Some of them come in the market with a multi function option. If you are a beginner in the exercise then you must go for some starter and basic model of HRM. For passionate runners or athletes, there come many models with extra features. The advanced model can provide you with amount of calories burned, heart rate, breathing rate and many more. Models with multifunction have usually high price tags in market.

Fat burning heart rate monitor works by catching the electrical signals which are continuously coming from your heart. These signals are omitted on the small display of monitor in the form of a digital reading. Heart zones target chart is packed along with every kind of monitor so that you can check the intensity of workout required by you. The chest heart monitor is best for you because it can give continuous reading without any kind of interruption. In case of a strapless monitor, you may have to stop for a few minutes so that you can press the button and get the reading.

For buying a Fat burning heart rate monitor, you can check the online and physical stores. The virtual stores are best to choose because they offer devices at better prices. For accessing the web stores, you just need to have an internet connection and a PC. You just need to order the product which you like and the product will be delivered to your home address. Most of the web stores courier the device without any kind of extra charges of transportation.

The Fat burning heart rate monitor is best to use as it gives precise reading. Now days these devices are also coming along with Bluetooth connection. You can get the Bluetooth connection synchronized with your device so that a reading can be obtained. Bowflex is good company, which offers heart rate monitor with a chargeable battery so that you can don’t have to waste much money on the maintenance of such devices. This device is available at every kind of physical and virtual store. You can also call your heart rate monitor as “pacer” because it helps you to find the optimal rate for your workout. All these tips can be utilized for buying a better kind of device for you.

Garmin 305 Forerunner

Garmin 305 Forerunner

Are you an intense exerciser, cyclist or runner? Do you want a smart device to keep the data of your performance? Garmin 305 Forerunner is the best kind of device for you which can keep record of all performance done by you. This is the most popular option in the market which is needed by you. There are many runners and athletes who have decided this device as the most preferable option by them because it is the only reliable solution available in market. You can have study of this article in order to understand pros and cons of this device.


Signal and tracking accuracy is the most important factor which can’t be overlooked in such device. You will be pleased to know that Garmin 305 Forerunner is an excellent device in the both areas. Signal strength and sensitivity of the inbuilt GPS provides best kind of tracking system and even best results in the areas having large trees and tall buildings. Sometime locking onto a signal may take a few minutes to resolve but can be a minor issue for the people who are impatient.

garmin forerunner 305

Garmin 305 Forerunner also comes with a heart rate monitor. The tools having the capacity to give the heart rate value are specially designed for the endurance athletes. This device allows you to set different target heart zones and indicates when a special kind of heart rate is achieved. Certain target heart zones will help you to optimize your workouts in a normal routine for burning the maximum calories. This is basically in the form of chest strap which you need to wear around your chest so that you can have the best kind of reading for you. Heart rate is crucial for any kind of athlete which can be examined in a best way only by this tool.

What kind of data do you expect to monitor from this device? You can keep the track of calories burned, heart rate, distance, pace elevation and many others. This means that you can get the reading of all different kinds of factors on each screen. The value of calories burned in Garmin 305 Forerunner is not taken from the heart rate but is derived from factors (age and sex) so it can’t be called as true indicator of the calories burned.

Garmin 305 Forerunner

There are ranges of work out modes in this device like interval workouts, quick workouts, passionate workouts, simple workouts and many more. You can say Garmin 305 forerunner as a kind of personal trainer device which helps you to set targets and keep a track of them so that you may remain passionate all the time.

You can find computer software along with Garmin 305 forerunner named as Garmin Training centre. Connect your device to system with help of USB port and get all the previous reading on your personal computer. This software helps you to analyze your performance of workouts. You will find this device as real smart one and handy.

Garmin 305 forerunner is best built but you may consider it a little bit bulky weighing 2.72oz. The battery life is huge which makes you relax to use the batter for a long period of time. Screen of this device is completely customizable. This device can be called as the best device with all kind of features packed that would be needed by any athlete. You can find no device like this which can perform best in this price range. If you are looking to buy a track keeper then without any kind of hesitation just go for this device to make your workouts managed in well kind of way.

Garmin 405cx Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin 405 CX Heart Rate Monitor

Are you looking for any kind of device which can be best personal trainer for your exercise? Garmin 405 CX is an evolutionary GPS enabled device which can help you to have training in an organized way. This device comes in the form of a stylish sports watch which you need to wear around in your hand. Smart device tracks the data and wirelessly send it to your computer device for further analysis and discussion. This also helps you to calculate heart based calorie computing and with a second wrist band option which is best for the people who have smaller wrists.

Garmin 405cx Heart Rate Monitor

Heart rate is one the most important factor to use during an exercise. Garmin 405 CX comes with the feature of providing you best kind of real time heart rate. This device helps you to measure the maximum, minimum and average heart rate. You can continuously track your heart beat per minute and use this tool for the detection of calories burned. This device is better than Garmin 305 because unlike 305 it determines the calories lost on the basis of your heart rate.

Take the training with the help of versatile Forerunner 405CX and optional accessories. You can also pair them with your optional foot pod to make a track of speed, distance and running when GPS signals are out of range. This wireless foot pod can be attached with your laces so that you can easily put in on and off. If you want to keep a track of your cycling workout then attach Garmin 405 CX Garmin 405 CX with the speed sensor of your cycle. This will give you a complete record of your cycling. You can get this device from any web store for the sake of an organized smarty package.Garmin 405CX Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin 405 CX has the latest technology and works by transferring the data to your system wirelessly. You can transfer the data on your system and can share it with the other users who are using the same device. This can help you to compete with the other person course. An environment of competition will help you to do the workouts in a passionate way. Sharing the data with other devices is easy as you just have to push the button of transfer to shift the data on nearby device.

Garmin 405 CX is a device loaded with serious features for the passionate kind of athletes who want to give an organized touch to their daily workout routine. You can use this device for the purpose of having records of time, pace, calories burned, exercise and heart rate. Each of your workouts is stored in the device which can help you to analyze and examine your daily performance. This will help you to keep your spirits high and set targets so that you can get the things done in a better way. You can also download the previous tracks to keep your pace with the preceding workouts. For using a watch, simply touch bezel to change the screen

The Garmin 405 CX has got the latest technology which is very innovative known as ANT plus. This technology helps you to transfer the data automatically to the computer when Forerunner is in range. You don’t need any kind of cables or hookups to synchronize device with your computer. There is an online community of the Garmin products known as Garmin Connect which can help you to share your activities and plans with other people using the same device. You can even make plans on your computer for the upcoming week and transfer it to your device later on.

Garmin Forerunner 110 Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 110 Heart Rate MonitorDo you want a device which can keep the track of all your workouts? You can find many devices in market but the best and efficient one is Garmin Forerunner 110. This is the best kind of device with built in GPS system which can help you to track the data in more active way. You don’t need to install this device, just buy the device, press the start button and run or walk with it. Before buying this device, you need to understand the different features of this smart tool.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, you need a smart device for tracking your performance and Garmin Forerunner 110 can be the best choice for you. This device uses the GPS system to record the distance, time and pace of the runner. All the data is stored in the device which can be viewed later for evaluation of the activity done. You can also upload your data on the website of Garmin Connect for detail analysis by the experts and experienced users. Moto of this device is to get the training in smart way instead of hard ill managed manner.

You won’t find any kind of complexity in Garmin Forerunner 110. This is a simple device with easy to use buttons and features. You just have to take it out of the box, charge it and find the nearest satellites so that GPS can catch the signals. After that, you just have to answer a few setup questions which will lead you to completed ready to use form of device. When you want to start, just press start button and for finishing off just press the off button.

Some versions of Garmin Forerunner 110 come with a heart rate monitor. This feature helps you to evaluate the heart rate on per minute basis. It is good for the player to stay in a target heart zone so that they can have an optimized idea of doing exercise. You can also get heart rate based calorie detection which helps in getting an idea of the calories burned during an exercise. This feature only comes with black/red version. If you purchase the gray version then you can buy heart rate monitor separately. It is preferable to go for the version of forerunner which comes with a heart rate monitor so that you can have variety of features.

Runners who are beginner or even at the advanced levels need motivation to bring the best results for them. Garmin Forerunner 110 helps players to keep a track of all the previous records. These records can be checked and analyzed later on your system which could help you to make goals for the future. You can also use the Garmin Connect forum to share your records with other people using the device and getting suggestions from them which could prove very helpful for you. All the plans should be made wisely according to your previous performance so that you can achieve your goals easily.

You can say Garmin Forerunner 110 as your personal advisor. This tool can be treated as your best friend because it helps you to manage your life in a better way. Garmin is a well reputed company in the market for its technology based health devices. You can check the official website of the Garmin in order to have better knowledge of all the devices range which they are offering.
Forerunner is best for those who want to lose calories in quick way without any kind of dietary supplements. This device can be stated as best hope for obese people.