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Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor can be described as great heart monitor that can be used by athletes and other people who are concerned about overall fitness level. It delivers superior data and can distinguish between burning fat and burning calories enabling users to train faster in a bid to achieve your ideal fitness goals. This also makes it ideal for people who want to lose weight in an effective manner. It comes with a Smart Calories and Energypointer that not only guide you but also motivate you to ensure that each and every workout counts.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Features

Some of the features that the heart rate monitor offer include:

  • Polar OwnCal- this is used to calculate the kilocalories that have been expanded when you are working out.
  • EnergyPointer- this lets users know whether they are improving fitness or burning fat.
  • Records the average of total exercises done as well as the heart rate.
  • The maximum heart rate training records.
  • Button-free HeartTouch operation.
  • Graphical indicators that are specifically designed for the defined heart rate zones.
  • Coded heart rate transmission that comes in handy for avoiding cross-talk.
  • A textile transmitter that is quite comfortable.
  • Polar H1 Sensor for heart rate – this enhances comfort when training as this not only measures your heart rate but it also adapts to the body shape seamlessly allowing you to completely focus on the exercise as you will even forget you have worn it.

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor Features For Body Measurement

Some of the body measurement features you can expect from Polar FT7 heart rate Monitor include:

  • Maximum and average heart rate during training
  • HRmax i.e. user set

Heart rate-% bpm- this is where heart rate is measured depending on the amount of work that the heat does. This can either be expressed as a percentage (%) or bpm (beats per minute) of the maximum heart rate.

Manual target zone upper limit bpm- this enables users to define the target zones they desire according to what suits their training best. This can also be set as a percentage or bpm or even as % (percentage) of the HRR (Heart Rate Reserve).

Polar EnergyPointer- this is an easy to use and incredible feature that lets you know if your fitness is improving or whether you are burning any fat during the training process. This normally indicates visually a point between the 2 main training effects. This way, if you are below that point, you automatically know that fat burning is improving and when it is above the point, you know that the aerobic fitness is improving.

Polar OwnCal- this is used for calorie expenditure as it calculates the kilocalories that are expended when a person is training. This allows you to know the amount of calories that have been burnt in one session as well as in a number of progressive sessions.

Polar OwnCode- this offers coded transmission as it automatically locks in a code that transmits the user’s heart rate to your training computer. The training computer will only pick the hear rate from the transmitter. Coding is important as it helps to prevent any interference from any other training computers.

Training load- this is available through this is one of the features that is only available from Polar software. This allows you to follow your training load as well as recovery using a training diary on your training computer as well. This is important as it helps a person to identify personal limits. Avoid under or over training and adjust the duration and intensity according to daily and weekly targets.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Training Features

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor also comes with a total of 4 training features that include

Training analysing. Training diary- this allows you to follow up easily your training sessions when the data has been transferred from the device to your personal computer. This comes in handy when planning future training sessions. There is an option of seeing the training sessions in a week or month view that comes with a week or month summary. Training load- the training diary also allows you to follow the training load as well as recovery. This helps to ensure that you are training in the proper way to achieve your dream results in the best way possible. Training programs- the official web service ( offers a number of training programs for a variety of activities such as cycling, running, out door sports and general fitness. This allows you to customize them to what really works out best for you.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Features

The monitor watch has useful and beneficial features such as:

Weekday and date indicator.Backlight. Dual time zone. Display text in various languages such as English, Italian, German, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish and French. Low battery indicator. Time of the date complete with alarm & snooze. User replaceable battery. Water resistant- this means that it can be used under water when you are swimming. Keylock- when this is activates the training computer buttons are automatically locked. This ensures that accidental presses do not bring about any problems for example during the training sessions.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Recording Features

The heart rate monitor also comes with a couple of recording features and these include:

Weekly history- these gather the user’s data for their weekly training. This makes it easy to review training data for the week. 99 training files that come with summaries. Totals- these include all your training data from the last reset enabling you to follow up on long term training.

Based on some of the features the Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor has been designed with, one would say that it is a must get device for anyone who wants to know if they are successful with their training sessions. This is simply because it offers amazing exercise guidance, displaying real time heart rate, accurate calorie burn which in turn helps a person to faster get fit. This is because you understand exactly what you are doing to know what needs to be improved so as to reach your target goal within the shortest time possible.

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Review

A Simple and Precise Device

For people who think that timing is everything, one of the key things is knowing their heart rate. Polar FT1 heart rate monitor can be a wonderful device and tool for those who want to constantly monitor their heart rate and be aware of the health status of the heart. You can wear the device just like a watch, in two different colors: blue or grey. Never miss a beat of your heart with a digital product that is easy to use and that is compact. Before using the product, do not forget to consult a health expert.

Product Characteristics and Features

The product is manufactured in China and imported for shipping in the United States and all over the world. With a size of 6x4x3, the device has a weight of 4.8 ounces, but the whole package is heavier. A coded T31 transmitter is included that can transmit with high accuracy.

The watch part of the package, which is a device that looks like a regular watch and includes the functions of one, can be worn on the hand and has a nice display that is easy to read. You can see a summary of your workout and your heart rate. The heart rate signal is coded for avoiding interference with other signals.

The device can be able to measure the average and the maximum of your heart rate during training. It can improve your fitness due the use of the manual target zone in beats per minute (BPM). The transmission uses a 5kHz Polar OwnCode coded transmission. Recordings are stored in the form of training files. HeartTouch allows you to operate the watch without buttons. For nighttime and any other situation that needs light, the device has a back light.

There is an indicator for date and weekday included. The devices is not affected by water if you do not dive deeper than thirty meters. The transmitter has a functioning period of 2500 hours. If you need a basic heart rate monitor that comes from a reputed supplier, Polar TF1 can be the right choice.

Pros For The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

  • Easy to use and to read the statistics on the large display, with just one button functionality.
  • Is provides indirect benefits to your health and body shape.
  • Your heart rate is maintained at a safe rate.
  • The signal is coded for eliminating the possibility of cross-talk.
  • The transmitter is water and weather resistant.
  • Simplicity is one of the advantages of this product.
  • The device is very accurate.
  • A great heart monitor for this price.

The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Cons

  • Not very fancy design.
  • Some users may find the one button functionality awkward.
  • Can be a little limited for hardcore exercisers.
  • -you cannot replace the batteries yourself.

Package Content and Use

The weight of the whole package is of 10.4 ounces. When you open the package, you will find the following items inside: wrist unit (watch), transmitter, strap and user manual. You can also find a user manual online on the manufacturer’s website. The wrist unit is meant for displaying the heart rate during training. The transmitter set sends the signal through the air to the wrist unit. In the package, you will also receive two Lithium Metal batteries.

How To Use The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor

You have to select the desired mode, then increase or decrease the desired value and then confirm everything you have chosen. If you press the button for a longer time, it will do three different things: come back to time display mode from any other mode with the exception of Exercise Mode, turn on the back light in the Time display, or turn on/off the target heart rate zone alarm in Exercise Mode. The first thing to do is setting the heart rate zone, the second is recording an exercise and the third is viewing the recorded information. Follow the manual for details about how to do all these steps.

Medical Considerations

People who have heart diseases can also benefit from the functionality of the product. A good example is the one of people who have random episodes of heart beat speeding up to 200 BPM or even higher. The recorded data can be later analyzed by a cardiologist. Having the average and the maximum of your heart rate can be great for a cardiologist to understand how your heart behaves in extreme situations. To make things even better, the data matches with the one of an EKG machine. If your heart rate goes too high, the devices will warn you.

Other Considerations

The device also works with the exercise equipment of a gym and many people may find this useful. The heart rate is always calculated precisely. If the batteries run out, you may have to send them to Polar for replacement, otherwise you can lose the water resistant capability. The one button functionality may be confusing at first, but it can become really easy after you learn it. You just need some patience and focus to read the manual before use.

Many people say that the product is very stable in comparison with others, as these can easily fluctuate and become annoying. The results given by Polar FT1 are consistent. It is not bells and whistles like more complex devices, but it provides exactly what you need. During exercise, the change between stopwatch mode and HR mode can easily be made.

Cyclists can use the device too. The watch can be strapped to the mountain bike handle bars.The operating system is the same to the one of an older model, the FS1. Compared to it, FT1 is better and has a thinner wristwatch. The strap is also improved, letting more air for the wrist so it can breath well.

The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Conclusion

Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor is not the fanciest device, but a simple one that can do its job well. The design is made as simple as possible, so that the user does not get a headache trying to use it and waste precious time that would be normally used for workout. If you are a hardcore exerciser, you get more sophisticated products to see the difference, but starters and the average user will surely enjoy Polar FT1’s capabilities. This solution is for people who need a cheap product which is also reliable.

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Are you looking for an effective heart rate monitor to measure your heart rates? If yes, then FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is the best heart rate monitor you need to choose because of its effectiveness. This is a perfect product that contains a lot of features and benefits that every user enjoys when using it. Its effectiveness has made it very popular among users in the modern days. Many people are using it because of their need to monitor their heart rate in an effective and proper way. There are many unique features found in this heart rate monitor that you might not get from other heart monitors. 

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Features

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is popular among many users because of many features that it has. The features make it have improved functions making it more efficient in monitoring heart rate.

Measurement Of The Body

This is a perfect product that can be used to evaluate or measure some indicators in your body. All you need to do is to include your personal information before beginning to use the product. This means that you can check the maximum and average heart rate that is recommended depending on your age as you train or for normal health check ups. It also has visual and audible alarm system that you can install to make you remember your average and maximum heart rate.

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Features For Recording

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor has a recording feature meaning that you can record the rate of your heart beats during any training activities. Thus, you have the ability to save almost ten training files added with some summaries. By just checking at this record, you can control and monitor your exercise or activities more easily. Therefore, you can get maximum benefits from FT4 Heart Rate Monitor especially when carrying out your training exercises.

Polar FT4 Training Mode

The product is very appropriate when undertaking exercises. It contains a great feature known as training mode. In this feature you can be able to see the target zone heart rate indicator. The indicator is very useful when you want to monitor the rate of your heart to allow you stay within the normal range. By staying within this range, you can make sure that you do the right pattern of exercises that do no affect your heart rate.

The Polar FT4 Can Work As A Watch

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is beneficial because it can still work as a watch. This means that it can display time and date. The watch has an alarm system, snooze and can also act as a normal watch. It can ne used for diving or swimming because it cannot absorb water even when thirty meters under the water.

Who Can Buy FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

This product is very suitable for any person who lives an active life. This means that all performers or athletes can use it to maintain their heart rate easily. If you carry out exercises regularly, it can also be of great help to you. The good thing is that it can help you attain your target in your fitness program. It is also the right product for those people who carry out regular monitoring of their heart rate for normal health check ups. This is because there are people who may need to monitor their heart rate because of their various health reasons.

Advantages of using FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

The product offer wide range of benefits to the users.

Easy To Use

This is one of the easiest heart rate monitor you can get in the market. This means that it can be used by all people because it comes with an instructions book that is written in simple terms that are understandable by any person. The simple guidelines can be followed easily even by beginners without a lot of stress.

Very Accurate In Its Monitoring

Accuracy is another major benefit of using this product. It measures the heart rate very accurately without mistakes or errors. Accurate measurement of the heart rate is very crucial especially if you are doing so when training or as a result of some health problems. It gives accurate measurements that you can use to determine how you are performing or your health status.

 FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Design

Its design is another factor that makes many people like this product. The fact that it is designed in a way that it can be used as a watch makes it useful for many people. This also makes it have an elegant look thus making many people who want to improve their appearance wear it.

Is The Polar FT4 Affordable

If you are looking for a heart rate monitor that offer value for your money, then Polar FT4 heart rate monitor is the right product for you. By doing thorough shopping you can get it with even less than sixty five dollars which is very low compared to the cost of other heart rate monitors. This makes is very affordable for many people even those with low economic power.

Easily Accessible

This product is widely available from different online stores at very affordable price. All you need to do is to check the customers’ reviews before you buy it in order to get the site that offer high quality FT4 Heart Rate Monitor.

Disadvantages Of The Polar FT4

Just like any other products, FT4 Heart Rate Monitor has its shortcomings. One of the major disadvantages of the product is that it cannot allow you to know the duration you have been in your target heart range when you do your exercises. This is something that is annoying to many people because it is important to the duration that you stay at your targeted heart rate. Despite this it can show you the duration you have been in your heart rate after the exercises. This means that you need to stop the monitor first before you can see how long you have been in your heart rate.

Therefore, if you want to have a heart rate monitor that provides accurate measurement of your heart rate, elegant design and an affordable one I would highly recommend FT4 Heart Rate Monitor for you.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Interesting Facts About Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

The Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is a well thought out training accessory, it is a masterfully built item; it is also reliable and easy to use. The monitor is apt for users who are keen on knowing how well their works out programs are working so as to keep their training simple and effective. The monitor does this by providing accurate and continuous heart rate readings all through the selected workout session.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Features

It is a unisex heart rate monitor and comes in nice colorful shades, from blue, red to purple/pink and many other beautiful colors.

The FT4 heart rate monitor has a smart calorie feature that uses individual personal data to provide you the user with accurate readings on the amount of calories you have burnt over a specified period of time.

To help you accurately track your training progress, the Polar FT4 stores the last 10 training sessions; you can use results from these sessions to check on your current fitness status and make relevant adjustments wherever necessary.

Without the chest strap, the heart rate monitor can be worn on the wrist. It is adjustable and comes with over twenty adjustment holes, making it suitable for all wrist sizes; even users with small wrists can get one that fits them properly.

The monitor comes with heart rate chest strap that is made from a soft, flexible and comfortable fabric that easily adapt to your body shape. The chest strap is easily adjustable; from Medium to XXL and any size there in between.

Polar Heart Rate Monitor FT4

The polar smart coaching features are easy to use and will easily guide you to efficiently and effectively exercise your body accordingly. A quick analysis of any Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor review clearly shows that users are more motivated and geared towards attaining their fitness goals once they start using the FT4 monitor.

The monitor has the ability to beep when you are out of your prescribed zone; the beep is usually activated if you are working below your required standards (Not working hard enough) or when you are straining yourself by working way above the required standards (over exerting yourself); it is worth noting though that the beep functionality can easily be turned off.

The heart monitor is water resistant up to around 30 meters; you can thus use it to track your statistics as you make those swimming laps, it is advisable though not to press those buttons when you are underwater even though you can comfortably press either the ‘continue’ or ‘pause’ function buttons immediately after the lap even if your fingers are wet.

It also uses a replaceable battery and does connect with compatible gym equipments like the popular gymlink; this ensures that you enjoy other additional functionalities that may not be specifically inbuilt in the Polar FT4 heart rate monitor.

Polar FT4 Heart Monitor

How to Operate the Polar FT4 Heart Monitor

When you open the box, there is a setup wizard that you can use to tailor the watch /monitor to fit your requirements. The kind of information that is normally needed includes your gender, weight, the units that you prefer working with.

Getting yourself started with the polar heart rate monitor is relatively easy and simple. You should first wet the electrodes that are at the back of the chest strap with some water; you can then snap the transmitter into position.

Always place the strap on your chest before starting the inbuilt watch; this ensures the accuracy of the readings that you will read from the monitor. It is also advisable to have some distance between yourself and any other person before starting the watch.

Once you are through with your training for the day, immediately detach the transmitter, rinse the chest strap with some clean water several times and then hang it to dry before using it again.

Just like in any other review, Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor review cannot be complete without noting some disadvantages. One of the major demerits of the heart monitor is that you can’t see all of your workout statistics at once while you are working out; you have to keep on pressing the right hand button to change the display to read either the calories, heart rate or workout time; you thus will not be able to see the total time you have spent working out till you press ‘stop’ button to end the session.

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Conclusion

Going by the number of positive reviews emanating from satisfied users dotting numerous places all over the world, it is safe to state that the FT4 Heart rate monitor is a class above other heart monitors in its category. It is affordable, easy to use, and readily available in both online and local brick and mortar stores all over the US.