FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Are you looking for an effective heart rate monitor to measure your heart rates? If yes, then FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is the best heart rate monitor you need to choose because of its effectiveness. This is a perfect product that contains a lot of features and benefits that every user enjoys when using it. Its effectiveness has made it very popular among users in the modern days. Many people are using it because of their need to monitor their heart rate in an effective and proper way. There are many unique features found in this heart rate monitor that you might not get from other heart monitors. 

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Features

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is popular among many users because of many features that it has. The features make it have improved functions making it more efficient in monitoring heart rate.

Measurement Of The Body

This is a perfect product that can be used to evaluate or measure some indicators in your body. All you need to do is to include your personal information before beginning to use the product. This means that you can check the maximum and average heart rate that is recommended depending on your age as you train or for normal health check ups. It also has visual and audible alarm system that you can install to make you remember your average and maximum heart rate.

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Features For Recording

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor has a recording feature meaning that you can record the rate of your heart beats during any training activities. Thus, you have the ability to save almost ten training files added with some summaries. By just checking at this record, you can control and monitor your exercise or activities more easily. Therefore, you can get maximum benefits from FT4 Heart Rate Monitor especially when carrying out your training exercises.

Polar FT4 Training Mode

The product is very appropriate when undertaking exercises. It contains a great feature known as training mode. In this feature you can be able to see the target zone heart rate indicator. The indicator is very useful when you want to monitor the rate of your heart to allow you stay within the normal range. By staying within this range, you can make sure that you do the right pattern of exercises that do no affect your heart rate.

The Polar FT4 Can Work As A Watch

FT4 Heart Rate Monitor is beneficial because it can still work as a watch. This means that it can display time and date. The watch has an alarm system, snooze and can also act as a normal watch. It can ne used for diving or swimming because it cannot absorb water even when thirty meters under the water.

Who Can Buy FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

This product is very suitable for any person who lives an active life. This means that all performers or athletes can use it to maintain their heart rate easily. If you carry out exercises regularly, it can also be of great help to you. The good thing is that it can help you attain your target in your fitness program. It is also the right product for those people who carry out regular monitoring of their heart rate for normal health check ups. This is because there are people who may need to monitor their heart rate because of their various health reasons.

Advantages of using FT4 Heart Rate Monitor

The product offer wide range of benefits to the users.

Easy To Use

This is one of the easiest heart rate monitor you can get in the market. This means that it can be used by all people because it comes with an instructions book that is written in simple terms that are understandable by any person. The simple guidelines can be followed easily even by beginners without a lot of stress.

Very Accurate In Its Monitoring

Accuracy is another major benefit of using this product. It measures the heart rate very accurately without mistakes or errors. Accurate measurement of the heart rate is very crucial especially if you are doing so when training or as a result of some health problems. It gives accurate measurements that you can use to determine how you are performing or your health status.

 FT4 Heart Rate Monitor Design

Its design is another factor that makes many people like this product. The fact that it is designed in a way that it can be used as a watch makes it useful for many people. This also makes it have an elegant look thus making many people who want to improve their appearance wear it.

Is The Polar FT4 Affordable

If you are looking for a heart rate monitor that offer value for your money, then Polar FT4 heart rate monitor is the right product for you. By doing thorough shopping you can get it with even less than sixty five dollars which is very low compared to the cost of other heart rate monitors. This makes is very affordable for many people even those with low economic power.

Easily Accessible

This product is widely available from different online stores at very affordable price. All you need to do is to check the customers’ reviews before you buy it in order to get the site that offer high quality FT4 Heart Rate Monitor.

Disadvantages Of The Polar FT4

Just like any other products, FT4 Heart Rate Monitor has its shortcomings. One of the major disadvantages of the product is that it cannot allow you to know the duration you have been in your target heart range when you do your exercises. This is something that is annoying to many people because it is important to the duration that you stay at your targeted heart rate. Despite this it can show you the duration you have been in your heart rate after the exercises. This means that you need to stop the monitor first before you can see how long you have been in your heart rate.

Therefore, if you want to have a heart rate monitor that provides accurate measurement of your heart rate, elegant design and an affordable one I would highly recommend FT4 Heart Rate Monitor for you.

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