Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Review

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor can be described as great heart monitor that can be used by athletes and other people who are concerned about overall fitness level. It delivers superior data and can distinguish between burning fat and burning calories enabling users to train faster in a bid to achieve your ideal fitness goals. This also makes it ideal for people who want to lose weight in an effective manner. It comes with a Smart Calories and Energypointer that not only guide you but also motivate you to ensure that each and every workout counts.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Features

Some of the features that the heart rate monitor offer include:

  • Polar OwnCal- this is used to calculate the kilocalories that have been expanded when you are working out.
  • EnergyPointer- this lets users know whether they are improving fitness or burning fat.
  • Records the average of total exercises done as well as the heart rate.
  • The maximum heart rate training records.
  • Button-free HeartTouch operation.
  • Graphical indicators that are specifically designed for the defined heart rate zones.
  • Coded heart rate transmission that comes in handy for avoiding cross-talk.
  • A textile transmitter that is quite comfortable.
  • Polar H1 Sensor for heart rate – this enhances comfort when training as this not only measures your heart rate but it also adapts to the body shape seamlessly allowing you to completely focus on the exercise as you will even forget you have worn it.

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor Features For Body Measurement

Some of the body measurement features you can expect from Polar FT7 heart rate Monitor include:

  • Maximum and average heart rate during training
  • HRmax i.e. user set

Heart rate-% bpm- this is where heart rate is measured depending on the amount of work that the heat does. This can either be expressed as a percentage (%) or bpm (beats per minute) of the maximum heart rate.

Manual target zone upper limit bpm- this enables users to define the target zones they desire according to what suits their training best. This can also be set as a percentage or bpm or even as % (percentage) of the HRR (Heart Rate Reserve).

Polar EnergyPointer- this is an easy to use and incredible feature that lets you know if your fitness is improving or whether you are burning any fat during the training process. This normally indicates visually a point between the 2 main training effects. This way, if you are below that point, you automatically know that fat burning is improving and when it is above the point, you know that the aerobic fitness is improving.

Polar OwnCal- this is used for calorie expenditure as it calculates the kilocalories that are expended when a person is training. This allows you to know the amount of calories that have been burnt in one session as well as in a number of progressive sessions.

Polar OwnCode- this offers coded transmission as it automatically locks in a code that transmits the user’s heart rate to your training computer. The training computer will only pick the hear rate from the transmitter. Coding is important as it helps to prevent any interference from any other training computers.

Training load- this is available through polarpersonaltrainer.com- this is one of the features that is only available from Polar software. This allows you to follow your training load as well as recovery using a training diary on your training computer as well. This is important as it helps a person to identify personal limits. Avoid under or over training and adjust the duration and intensity according to daily and weekly targets.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Training Features

Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor also comes with a total of 4 training features that include

Training analysing. Training diary- this allows you to follow up easily your training sessions when the data has been transferred from the device to your personal computer. This comes in handy when planning future training sessions. There is an option of seeing the training sessions in a week or month view that comes with a week or month summary. Training load- the training diary also allows you to follow the training load as well as recovery. This helps to ensure that you are training in the proper way to achieve your dream results in the best way possible. Training programs- the official web service (polarpersonaltrainer.com) offers a number of training programs for a variety of activities such as cycling, running, out door sports and general fitness. This allows you to customize them to what really works out best for you.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch Features

The monitor watch has useful and beneficial features such as:

Weekday and date indicator.Backlight. Dual time zone. Display text in various languages such as English, Italian, German, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Swedish and French. Low battery indicator. Time of the date complete with alarm & snooze. User replaceable battery. Water resistant- this means that it can be used under water when you are swimming. Keylock- when this is activates the training computer buttons are automatically locked. This ensures that accidental presses do not bring about any problems for example during the training sessions.

Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Recording Features

The heart rate monitor also comes with a couple of recording features and these include:

Weekly history- these gather the user’s data for their weekly training. This makes it easy to review training data for the week. 99 training files that come with summaries. Totals- these include all your training data from the last reset enabling you to follow up on long term training.

Based on some of the features the Polar FT7 Heart rate Monitor has been designed with, one would say that it is a must get device for anyone who wants to know if they are successful with their training sessions. This is simply because it offers amazing exercise guidance, displaying real time heart rate, accurate calorie burn which in turn helps a person to faster get fit. This is because you understand exactly what you are doing to know what needs to be improved so as to reach your target goal within the shortest time possible.

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