The Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

The Timex Personal Trainer HRM Review

The Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate MonitorThe Timex Personal Trainer HRM is by far one of the best budget heart rate monitor watches available at the moment. I’ve always been impressed with the simplicity of Timex and this does not stop with this heart rate monitor watch.

If you take a look at this watch on Amazon you will find that it has a 3 ½ star rating this is made up of over 689 the customer reviews which makes it one of the most reviewed heart monitor watches online.

When I saw this many reviews for a heart rate monitor I just had to go and check it out. On a side note I find it really interesting when people are compelled enough to write a review on such sites like Amazon because they must have been really impressed with the product which in this case the Timex Personal Trainer HRM to want to go write a review.

So what is it about the Timex Personal Trainer HRM that is getting so many people excited and wanting to write reviews? It must be because it is simple to use and within most people’s budget.

In this review I will go into detail about why this heart rate monitor watch is so popular and has sold so many across the world.

So first things first I found the display on the Timex Personal Trainer HRM to be very big and very readable even when I was training at night in dim light and even without using the Indigo I was still able to read the display. I’ve seen the older versions of the Timex Ironman and the screen was not as clear as this.

Straight out of the box the Timex Personal Trainer HRM gave accurate readings of my heart rate and this continued throughout my training session and what I love about this watch is not only the price but it works without having to use electrode gel. This heart monitor doesn’t have any fancy features but most people don’t even need those features so its not something I would worry about.

I found that the Timex Personal Trainer HRM has a very comfortable strap and especially as I personally don’t even like wearing watches this heart rate monitor doesn’t seem to bother me at all. It’s very light on your wrist and I find it easy to wear, it is also not as big as you’d think it was and does not look out of place on your arm even if you want to wear it to work with the suit.

The Timex Personal Trainer HRM heart rate monitor recalculates every two seconds and I found it really simple to program in your weight and your target heart rates, yes you have to read the instructions but that is very common with heart rate monitor watches.

I read other reviews of the Timex Personal Trainer HRM and a few people complained about not being up to see the time when the heart rate monitor watch is tracking your heart rate, however this didn’t bother me at all and just to view the time you just click the select button and it will display the time for you so it’s no big deal in my opinion.

There’s been a massive price increase from when I actually bought Timex Personal Trainer HRM heart monitor to now I only paid $44 a few weeks ago for it but the prices is fluctuating a fair bit at the moment and it has been as much as $80 but at the time of writing this its only $44 on Amazon. Even at $80 it is still well worth the money and going back to the Many reviews on Amazon there are a lot of very happy people who have bought the Timex Personal Trainer HRM.

One of the things I did notice though is the chest strap sometimes beeps when it’s not being used I’m not sure why, maybe this is due to electrical interference and this is not an issue when I am wearing the strap but I’m thinking that this could possibly drain the battery before its time which is not a big deal because as I found it very easy to replace however it’s just something I thought I would bring up.

The Timex Personal Trainer Heart Rate Monitor

The Timex Personal Trainer HRM is a very basic heart rate monitor but with it being basic it gives you what any basic heart rate monitor should do it tells you about the amount of calories burnt and the time and of course your heart rate so what more would you want and for such a good price.

I found the best place to buy the Timex Personal Trainer HRM was from Amazon and this is because not only do you get the great customer service from Amazon but you also have confidence in the seller and may be you will become one of the reviewers on their site.

Trying to find the right heart rate monitor is a massive task and that is why we set up this site to help you choose the best heart rate monitor Timex have a great reputation and for the price of the Timex Personal Trainer HRM I would always recommend them over lesser known models and brands of heart rate monitor watches.

We are really happy with the heart rate monitor that is the Timex Personal Trainer HRM and for anyone starting out in any kind of cardio work then this definitely is a great starting point for you.

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