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Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Heart Rate Monitors General Advice

Are you thinking to give your body a perfect shape? Fitness monitors of different types come on the market which can help you to accomplish your goal. Whenever you are doing a workout, it is must have a close eye on the heart rate so that you may be in right kind of heart rate zone. In short, words, you can say your heart-rate monitor a “pacer” because it helps you to track down that when you need to slow down or pace up. There are different monitors but for selecting the best heart rate monitors you need to have an understanding of certain tips.

Strapless Heart Rate Monitor

Best heart-rate monitors can be traced down by understanding the basics of a monitor. Exercise within a specific target zone is a must to know thing. If you have a fat-burning goal in mind, then you have to remain in one target zone for 40-80 minutes. American heart association has come up with a chart for different kinds of target zones. It is better to have a stress test from your doctor to evaluate the actual maximum heart rate of a person.

Many brands are available in the market which works by simply measuring the signals that heart sends out. You can say that typically there are two kinds of heart rate monitor i.e. chest strap model and finger sensor model. Among them, chest strap models are normally used for professional purposes. They have a chest strap that is wrapped around your chest to read the signals which are coming from your heart. After reading, it displays the results on the display screen. Finger sensor model is basic model and used by the athletes or people doing work out. Best heart-rate monitors for an enthusiastic athlete are basic monitors.

Heart Rate Monitor Finger Sensor

Basic models of the heart-rate monitors are simply designed to provide you with the routine to manage your exercise. Advanced models come with several different features that can really help you in managing the exercise efficiently. Along with heart rate, they also offer to evaluate breathing rate, pulse rate and calories burned during an exercise. Best heart-rate monitors are the one which can keep a track of the old data on your system. Record of the old data will help you to remain active and keep on doing the exercise with passion and enthusiasm.

If talking about the precision of reading, then chest strap models can be called as the best heart-rate monitors. They keep on taking the data of your heart automatically and don’t let you stop in mid exercise just to check the heart rate. The readings by chest monitors are more accurate and precise because they are near to heart and can catch the signals easily. Issue is that their prices are high as compared with the finger sensor models, and they are not comfy because you have to strap the monitor all the time around your chest.

Heart Rate Monitor Chest Strap

People who want just a basic model of heart rate monitor for doing workout then finger sensor models can be considered as the best heart rate monitors for them. You just need to push a simple button which will activate the monitor and analyze the reading of your heart rate. As they are relatively simple models so price is affordable. The only negative aspect is that you have to stop your exercise for getting the reading of your heart rate. If just an interruption of 5 seconds can’t disturb you during an exercise the finger sensor models can work really best for you. Before buying any kind of heart rate monitor, do a plenty of research so that you may be able to take a precise decision.